Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Doing Things With A Baby

I look at myself as "superwoman". Do you want to know why? Because I can do things all at once at the same time carrying a baby in my hands, I can still cook and feed my oldest daughter. But doing things in the kitchen with a baby isn't safe because she could fall off to my hot pots and burn herself. For instance, I put the baby in her bouncer on the floor and I was frying some fish, it splatters and some oil hit my baby's legs. No wonder she just cried all of a sudden.

I used to have a best baby sling but I gave it away after my first daughter turned one year thinking that I am not having another baby. That was the thought at first but then 3 years later, we decided to have another baby so here we are, family of four now.

My friends suggested that I should look at infant slings to use in the house or going elsewhere. A safe baby sling is what I want to buy to make sure I won't suffocate my baby. I have heard few sling brands' being recalled due to suffocation and all.

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