Monday, November 20, 2023


if it wasn't for Blogger notification, I would have not remembered that I once had this blog. Guess, it's a sign that I should get back to putting my thoughts into words now... year 2023.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Top 24 Semi-Finalists

I am saying, I am a number one fan of American Idol even though I don't sing. I just love the different personalities of contestants each year and listening to their voices and to top of it all, I love how they worked so hard in order to achieve their dream.

Last week's final judgement, American Idol has now chosen the best of the best 24 contestants. And I am happy to say all of my favorite contenders made it through the cut. Here are screenshots of the 24 contestants courtesy of American Idol. My favorites that are staying to perform in American Idol stage are Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Reed Grimm and Heejun Han. 

There was a contestant, a cowboy named Richie Law who didn't make it (which is good for him) because I didn't like him at all. Although he has a big country voice, his personality or attitude is kind of conceited and he is over confident or something. Trying hard to be in AI and I guess the judges noticed his undesirable attitude too that is why he wasn't included in the top 24. I do believe, his age wasn't a factor or he needs to work more on his vocal but because the way he acts that's what turned the judges down! Good for him!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn On DVD

My husband came home with a movie in his hand. I expected it would be Twilight- Breaking Dawn for he asked me earlier through text message. Well, I was not able to see this movie when everybody was so crazy about it in the theater. I should feel excited because I can watch it now, at home with privacy but I don't know, I don't feel the thrill anymore. However, I am still gonna watch it though for I am a big fan of Edward and Bella since the beginning of their movie.

I just wished I have seen it when it was still fresh at the theater with my friends. But time has changed, we all have kids now and we do have responsibilities that need to be done before movie or anything else. I missed those days when there were just 3 of us, married but no kids. We can just go and hang out together without looking back who is left at home because as I've said we didn't have kids. But that was before..4 years ago...

Dental Supplies

There are three different dental/medical offices I love going. The orthodontist who did my braces, my OB/GYN and our family dental office. My most favorite office to go is of my orthodontist because people there are so warm and welcoming. They treated me like one of their friends. I, on the other hand, felt so comfortable with them. Coming to their office is like visiting a friend's home because they were just amazingly friendly people and nice.

Someday when my kids are old enough to do their own things, I would want to take short dental assisting course so I can work at my orthodontist's office and be able to handle or familiarize the dental supplies they bring in to use to their clients. I am one happy patient of Dr. Mik here, I tell yeah.

My OB/GYN ranks second of my favorite office to visit although it takes an hour to get out of her office but Dr. Vu is an Asian and we do relate each other. She is like a new found friend to me. Third is at Dr. Yandell's office. The staff are nice too and I love how they treat me every time I come in their office for a mouth check or something. I love their service as well as the things they use for they are new and they make sure they sterilize their stuff before using them to other patients. I thought I saw one time some of their equipment are by Henry Schein dental supplies. That is all I can remember. That one time I was at their office, there boxes of dentist supplies that just arrived in their office so they were kind of busy taking care of the new stuff.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Indian Movies -- The Best

I asked my husband why he loves to watch foreign movies one night and he simply answered me with "because there are some foreign movies that are rated A, so much better than our movies in this country". He loves movies that are made by British or French, not minding if he has to read the subtitle each time he watch it.

I, on the other hand, prefers Indian movies. I would say they are the best in movies in my personal opinion. I have seen at least 4 Indian movies from the past like Ghajini, My name is Khan, 3 Idiots and the recent movie we just finished last night is Kurbaan. All these movies are great and if I were to rate each of them, I would not hesitate to give them 5 stars!

There is one that my friends told me to watch, "Every Child Is Special" is what its title. I can't seem to find it on Netflix. I may have to let the husband look for it so we can watch it. I tell you, if you watch at least one of these movies, I assure you, you are gonna love it. I promise you that!

And oh one more thing, two of my favorite Indian actor/actress are Kareena Kapoor and Ahmir Khan!

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