Sunday, February 26, 2012

American Idol Season 11 Top 24 Semi-Finalists

I am saying, I am a number one fan of American Idol even though I don't sing. I just love the different personalities of contestants each year and listening to their voices and to top of it all, I love how they worked so hard in order to achieve their dream.

Last week's final judgement, American Idol has now chosen the best of the best 24 contestants. And I am happy to say all of my favorite contenders made it through the cut. Here are screenshots of the 24 contestants courtesy of American Idol. My favorites that are staying to perform in American Idol stage are Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon, Reed Grimm and Heejun Han. 

There was a contestant, a cowboy named Richie Law who didn't make it (which is good for him) because I didn't like him at all. Although he has a big country voice, his personality or attitude is kind of conceited and he is over confident or something. Trying hard to be in AI and I guess the judges noticed his undesirable attitude too that is why he wasn't included in the top 24. I do believe, his age wasn't a factor or he needs to work more on his vocal but because the way he acts that's what turned the judges down! Good for him!

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