Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn On DVD

My husband came home with a movie in his hand. I expected it would be Twilight- Breaking Dawn for he asked me earlier through text message. Well, I was not able to see this movie when everybody was so crazy about it in the theater. I should feel excited because I can watch it now, at home with privacy but I don't know, I don't feel the thrill anymore. However, I am still gonna watch it though for I am a big fan of Edward and Bella since the beginning of their movie.

I just wished I have seen it when it was still fresh at the theater with my friends. But time has changed, we all have kids now and we do have responsibilities that need to be done before movie or anything else. I missed those days when there were just 3 of us, married but no kids. We can just go and hang out together without looking back who is left at home because as I've said we didn't have kids. But that was before..4 years ago...

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