Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dental Supplies

There are three different dental/medical offices I love going. The orthodontist who did my braces, my OB/GYN and our family dental office. My most favorite office to go is of my orthodontist because people there are so warm and welcoming. They treated me like one of their friends. I, on the other hand, felt so comfortable with them. Coming to their office is like visiting a friend's home because they were just amazingly friendly people and nice.

Someday when my kids are old enough to do their own things, I would want to take short dental assisting course so I can work at my orthodontist's office and be able to handle or familiarize the dental supplies they bring in to use to their clients. I am one happy patient of Dr. Mik here, I tell yeah.

My OB/GYN ranks second of my favorite office to visit although it takes an hour to get out of her office but Dr. Vu is an Asian and we do relate each other. She is like a new found friend to me. Third is at Dr. Yandell's office. The staff are nice too and I love how they treat me every time I come in their office for a mouth check or something. I love their service as well as the things they use for they are new and they make sure they sterilize their stuff before using them to other patients. I thought I saw one time some of their equipment are by Henry Schein dental supplies. That is all I can remember. That one time I was at their office, there boxes of dentist supplies that just arrived in their office so they were kind of busy taking care of the new stuff.

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